We have over 30yr home raised AKC and ACA puppies serving, customers from South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin ,and Minnesota, also over the whole US. We have many Stars that have bought our Quality Puppies.

This is where your puppies are raised.

Barton Owner

AKC and ACA Rock River Bulldogs  strive to keep our wonderful AKC and ACA Registered Miniature English Bulldog ,French Bulldog and English Bulldog, to it's
 original design with emphasis on disposition/health and beauty.. 
Our Miniature English Bulldogs ,French Bulldog and English Bulldogs,are suitable for Show/Breeding or simply as 
loving family members.

We specialize in  Miniature English Bull Dog, French Bull Dog and a few English Bulldogs.. Our well-bred Bulldog puppies make perfect family companions and are sure to warm your heart as well as your lap! Our Miniature English Bulldogs,French Bulldogs and English bulldogs, are available periodically threw the year - please contact us for additional information.

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We are a small breeder of the Miniature English Bulldogs,French Bulldogs and English Bulldogs in Minnesota .We have lived in Minnesota all our lives on the family farm.We have been involved with the dog world all of our lives.We have had a love of all animals especially our Bulldogs .We fell in love with bulldog breed and have done all the research so you don't have to.You will only get the best and a very loved Bulldogs.All of our Mini English Bulldogs,French Bulldogs, English bulldog puppies are registered with AKC,or ACA .Our English Bulldogs,and French Bulldog is registered AKC, Miniature English Bulldogs are registered with ACA or AKC.They are priced so everyone can afford a great quality healthy puppy.We specialize in Miniature English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs we strive to be the best .We do not sell to brokers or pet stores.We are very proud of all our Mini English Bulldogs,French Bulldogs,English bulldogs.We have Mini English Bulldog puppies for sale threw out the year also French Bulldog puppies.

All puppies will come with a one year guarantee and limited registration unless stated other wise. 

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  AKC Inspected and In Compliance 100% also State Inspected.






 Minnesota Board of Animal Health


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