This is Boots, My grandson Bentleys best friend. She is a female Pomeranian. She has a thick fur coat and 4.5 pounds. You can find her following  Bentley around where ever he goes. 

These are all of the parents we currently have. The parents name of each puppy is located in the description of each individual puppy. If you would like more information then we have provided about the parents please contact us and we would be more then happy to answer all of your questions. 

This is sparkie. He is a male Pomeranian. He is 3.5 pounds. He has mostly white/ cream and red in his background. He does pull some sables and some black as well. He loves to prance around and show the lady whos the boss. He loves going for car rides in the front seat and crosses his legs like a princess. 

This is coco. She is a female chocolate Pomeranian. We got her as a puppy.  She has a super thick full coat. 

This is Bella! She is a female Pomeranian. She is 7 pounds. She has mostly white/ cream in her back ground with some black and sable. She pulls white/cream, black, sable, and black and white. She is sparkies bestfriend. These 2 were our very first pets! She is super laid back and goes with the flow.